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Welcome! I hope to use this opportunity to provide you with insight into the origins, value, science and applications of the awesome natural substances known as the “tonic herbs” and their dietary counterparts, the “superfoods.” These great natural products have been used since the dawn of human existence, and continue to be used by hundreds of millions of people around the world today. Over many centuries, a great system has been developed that remains remarkably effective, rational and easily applicable in our modern world. It is my personal mission to bring the tonic herbs and this profound system to the western world’s attention, and to be your humble guide. I am sorry, for now I am not taking comments on most articles.

The use of tonic herbs is growing as they continue to prove themselves to more and more people. You owe it to yourself to build a little program and to develop some working knowledge of the herbs and superfoods. They will help you to maintain your balance, your energy, your health and well being. The tonic herbs and superfoods are protective and have been used since the dawn of civilization to promote healthy longevity. The tonic herbs have been used in the far east to promote “radiant health,” which is defined in Taoist health philosophy as “health beyond danger.” Though there is always danger in this world, some people can handle more before succumbing. The tonic herbs and superfoods are major tools in the effort to achieve and maintain radiant health. I hope you find the information in this blog useful in your own quest for radiant health.

Ron Teeguarden

Master Herbalist